Innovation Contest

the 6th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
Third Prize
Entries: SecureNet: A Novel Digital Solution to On-campus Security
Ni Xiaoyuan , Yu Xinying, Xiang Yaohong, Song Sizhe
SecureNet Demo Page

  • Led a business team of 4 to commercialize pedestrian identification and tracking technology for campus security.
  • Deployed a prototype in trajectories tracking and analysis and launched experiments on HKUST and FDU campus.
  • Visualized the real-time human density and generalize the heat map.

Academic Forum

the 6th ASPIRE Undergraduate Research Academy (UGRA) report
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, Korea
Theme: “Better Living: Innovations and Technologies to Improve Lives”
KAIST Forum Photo

  • Highlighted research topics shared among Undergraduate representatives among top universities such as Tsinghua, TokyoTech, NTU, and KAIST.
  • All expense paid, intensive study program for undergraduate students of ASPIRE League member universities.
  • One of the four nominated undergraduates from HKUST to participate in the study program held at KAIST.